Top 3 Camping Griddles for Every Budget


As an enthusiastic camper, I know firsthand that cooking delicious meals in the great outdoors can be a challenge. Camping Griddles have gained immense popularity among outdoor enthusiasts for their ability to provide a convenient and enjoyable cooking experience, even in the midst of nature.

Exploring Camping Griddles: A Closer Look at the Types

In this section, we will delve deeper into the two main types of camping griddles. You can either choose to bring with you a flat griddle as an accessory to your camping stove, or you can go all out with a standalone griddle as extra cooking equipment.  

  1. With the camping griddle accessory, the advantage is you can maximize your cooking area on your camping stove so that you don’t have to take two frying pans with you camping.  
    • This choice is also handy if you’re cooking on an open fire such as a fire pit with a grate.
    • This choice is the most economical and best portability.
  2. A standalone camping griddle is a portable, flat cooking surface that typically operates with propane gas. It offers a spacious and even heat distribution, allowing you to prepare a wide range of meals with ease. 
    • Standalone griddles have found their way into the concept of comfort camping, taking outdoor cooking to a whole new level. Comfort camping emphasizes creating a cozy and enjoyable camping experience with added luxuries and conveniences. By incorporating a standalone griddle into your comfort camping setup, you can elevate your outdoor cooking game and indulge in restaurant-quality meals right at your campsite.
    • The beauty of standalone griddles lies in their convenience and ease of use. Many models are designed with portability in mind, making them perfect for car camping. They can be easily set up and packed away, saving you valuable time and effort. With their compact designs and foldable legs, standalone griddles fit seamlessly into your camping gear, ensuring that you have a reliable and versatile cooking companion wherever your adventures take you.
    • Moreover, the versatility of standalone griddles extends beyond the campground. These cooking appliances are not limited to outdoor use alone; they can also be used in your own backyard or even indoors. Hosting a family barbecue, a weekend gathering with friends, or a casual dinner party becomes a breeze with a standalone griddle. Its ability to cook a variety of meals quickly and efficiently makes it a go-to option for those who enjoy entertaining guests and showcasing their culinary skills.

Whether you’re a breakfast lover who craves fluffy pancakes and sizzling bacon, a lunch enthusiast eager to whip up gourmet burgers and grilled sandwiches, or a dinner connoisseur with a taste for mouthwatering steaks and stir-fries, camping griddles have got you covered.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camping Griddle

When it comes to choosing a camping griddle, several important factors should be taken into consideration.

  • Firstly, consider the size and portability of the griddle. It’s essential to ensure that the griddle fits comfortably within your camping setup and can be easily transported. Look for griddles with features like carry bags, foldable legs or compact designs that make them convenient to carry and store.
  • Secondly, pay attention to the cooking surface area. Most griddles for propane camping stoves are one size and fit most stoves.  However, for standalones, a larger cooking surface allows for more versatility and the ability to cook multiple items simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial if you’re camping with a larger group or preparing meals that require different cooking temperatures. Having ample space on the griddle ensures that you can create a wide range of delicious dishes.
  • Additionally, consider the heat distribution and control of the griddle. Heat distribution for griddle accessories are not as even but this is down to the fact that you are using it on a 2-burner stove.  However, most people are still happy with cooking on this surface and can adapt.  
  • When considering standalone griddles, look for even heat distribution across the cooking surface. This ensures that your meals are cooked consistently and avoids any hot or cold spots. Adjustable heat settings are also desirable, as they allow you to control the intensity of the heat for different cooking techniques and desired results.
  • Durability is another crucial aspect to consider. Camping griddles need to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to the elements and potential rough handling. Look for griddles made from sturdy materials such as heavy gauge aluminum or cast iron, which not only ensures longevity but also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. A durable griddle will be a reliable companion throughout your camping adventures.
  • Lastly, consider the fuel type required for the standalone griddles. Most standalone griddles operate on propane gas, which is widely available and convenient for outdoor cooking. Ensure that the griddle you choose is compatible with your preferred fuel source. Propane gas is often favored by a lot of campers, including our family, for its ease of use, efficient heat output, and availability at most stores.

By taking these factors into account – size and portability, cooking surface area, heat distribution, and control, durability, and fuel type – you can make an informed decision when choosing a camping griddle. Finding the right griddle that meets your specific needs and preferences will enhance your outdoor cooking experience and ensure that you can prepare delicious meals with ease during your camping adventures. 

Camping Griddle Reviews: Elevating Your Cooking Experience

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the top 3 camping griddles that are perfect for the ultimate cooking experience for every budget and need: the Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle, Blackstone 1814 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Portable, and the Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25″ Outdoor 2 Burner Portable.

1. Coghlan’s Two-Burner Non-Stick Camping Griddle

The Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle stands out as a versatile and reliable option for the budget conscious who wants to pair this with their propane camping stove or cook on an open fire. 

The Coghlan’s Camp Griddle offers a spacious cooking surface that fits perfectly over two burners. Its non-stick coating ensures effortless cooking and easy cleanup, even in outdoor settings. One of the standout features of Coghlan’s Camp Griddle is its even heat distribution. This griddle’s sturdy aluminum construction is great for heat distribution, preventing hot spots for more consistent cooking results. 

Another notable advantage of Coghlan’s Camp Griddle is that it’s lightweight and easy to transport. The griddle’s compact size allows it to fit easily into camping gear, and its handles provide added convenience for storage and carrying. 

2. Blackstone 1814 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Portable Camping Griddle

Another excellent option for camping enthusiasts is the Blackstone 1814 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Portable griddle. With its sleek and durable stainless steel construction, the Blackstone 1814 features a spacious cooking surface allowing you to cook a variety of meals simultaneously. It also comes equipped with a reliable and efficient propane gas system, ensuring quick and consistent heat distribution.

The Blackstone 1814 griddle has a ton of reviews who like it for its user-friendly design. It features a built-in grease channel and grease tray that facilitate easy cleanup and maintenance. The griddle’s ignition system ensures hassle-free startup, eliminating the need for matches or lighters. 

Furthermore, its compact and portable design, along with the collapsible legs, make it effortless to transport and store. Many campers appreciate the versatility and performance of the Blackstone 1814 griddle, making it a popular choice among outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

3. Razor GGC2030M 25″ Outdoor 2 Burner Portable Camping Griddle with Top Cover Lid and Wheels

For those looking for a more robust griddle in addition to another cooking source for their camping adventures, the Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25″ Outdoor 2 Burner Portable is an excellent option. Despite its smaller size, this griddle doesn’t compromise on performance. It features two burners that provide precise heat control, allowing you to cook different foods simultaneously with ease. The best part is that it features wheels making it a mobile cart to maneuver around backyard patios or for out-of-the-way storage!  Also has a side table which, ok, is small but any surfaces like these come in handy when you’re camping!

The griddle’s compact size and lightweight design make it highly portable, perfect for campers who prioritize space-saving equipment. The Razor Griddle GGC2030M is also equipped with a removable griddle top, making it easy to clean and maintain.  Many camping enthusiasts praise this griddle for its versatility, portability, and efficient heat distribution.

Comparison and Recommendations

Now that we have explored the key features and advantages of the Blackstone 1814 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Portable, the Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25″ Outdoor 2 Burner Portable, and the Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle, let’s compare them to help you make an informed decision.

If you value durability, a spacious cooking surface, and the ability to cook a wide variety of meals while camping, the Blackstone 1814 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Portable is an excellent choice. Its sleek design, efficient propane gas system, and easy cleanup make it a versatile and reliable griddle for outdoor cooking. We personally prefer this standalone griddle as we use ours at home and tailgating for maximum use.

On the other hand, if you prioritize portability and compactness without compromising performance, the Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25″ Outdoor 2 Burner Portable is worth considering. Its compact size, lightweight design, and efficient heat distribution make it an ideal option for campers who prioritize space-saving equipment.

Now, let’s introduce Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle, which offers its own set of advantages. This griddle is perfect for campers seeking versatility and convenience for use with their own camper stoves. With its spacious cooking surface and non-stick coating, Coghlan’s Camp Griddle allows for hassle-free cooking and easy cleanup. Its even heat distribution ensures consistent results, and its lightweight and portable design makes it a great choice for camping trips.

When comparing these three griddles, consider factors such as cooking surface area, heat distribution, durability, portability, and ease of maintenance. Each griddle offers its own unique features and advantages, catering to different camping preferences and needs.


A standalone camping griddle or camping griddle accessory can truly enhance your camping experience by providing you with a versatile and efficient cooking appliance.

In this article, we discussed the top 3 standalone griddles for the ultimate camping experience: the Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle, Blackstone 1814 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Portable, and the Razor Griddle GGC2030M 25″ Outdoor 2 Burner Portable. Each griddle offers unique features and advantages, catering to different camping preferences and needs. 

The griddle’s convenience, versatility, and ability to help you create a range of hearty meals make it a valuable investment for outdoor enthusiasts and chefs alike. So, why limit yourself to traditional campfire cooking? Embrace the wonders of standalone griddles and elevate your outdoor cooking on your next camping adventure.


1. What is the main advantage of using a standalone griddle for camping?

Using a standalone griddle for camping offers several advantages. It provides a spacious cooking surface, even heat distribution, and versatile cooking options. Additionally, standalone griddles are portable, easy to clean, and allow for outdoor cooking without the need for a full kitchen setup.

2. Are these griddles suitable for other outdoor cooking activities?

Absolutely! These griddles are designed for outdoor use and are suitable for various outdoor cooking activities such as picnics, tailgating, backyard parties, and more. They offer convenience, portability, and versatility for all your outdoor culinary needs.

3. How portable are these griddles for camping trips?

All three griddles mentioned in this article are designed with portability in mind. The standalone griddles feature compact designs, foldable legs, and lightweight materials, making them easy to transport and set up at your campsite. They are perfect companions for camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

4. Can I use the standalone griddles with different types of fuel?

The Blackstone 1814 Stainless Steel Propane Gas Portable and Razor Griddle GGC2030M griddles are all compatible with propane gas fuel. Propane gas is widely available and convenient to use, making it an excellent choice for outdoor cooking. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the recommended fuel type for optimal performance and safety.

5. Do these griddles require a lot of maintenance?

These griddles are designed for outdoor use and can withstand rugged conditions, however, they still require regular maintenance. Cleaning the griddle surface after each use and periodically checking for any grease buildup or blockages in the fuel system is essential. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance instructions to ensure your griddle remains in optimal condition.

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